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4 Tips for Smart Shopping

Hello! So I usually post about how I style items or what I find trendy, but today I want to share with you all how to shop right! Every now and then, I always love sharing with you all the really great clothing deals. Today I want to give you FOUR tips on how to shop and still save your money! Most of the clothes I wear are from the clearance rack and I want to share with you guys how I accomplish this!

1. Always check the clearance rack FIRST

Whenever I walk into any store, I don’t look at anything that is regular priced first (unless I have a gift card, haha). I head straight to the nearest clearance rack. A lot of people NEVER look at the clearance rack when they shop, which I find quite bizarre. Clearance racks look like a headache because they typically aren’t organized very well, so you have to have some patience. However, the reason why this is my number one rule is because you never know what you’ll find. Someone else might have overlooked all of these items in the clearance rack, but there’s a chance you might see something special in that piece of clothing that they didn’t. Before you break your wallet, try to search through these racks and see if you can find any hidden gems first!


This entire outfit is from the clearance rack at different stores! 

black suede floppy hat – Forever 21 $10 (originally $20)

lace cami – Stella Laguna Beach $5 (originally $20)

floral embroidered shorts – Stella Laguna Beach $5 (originally $24)

three strap heels – Urban Outfitters $20 (originally $50)

 2. Look for in-store promotions and coupons 

In most stores, sales associate are going to pounce you with their current store promotions. But if they don’t, feel free to ask them! They will know about more stuff on sale that you wouldn’t be able to find on your own. Sign up for store subscriptions and check your email before you head to the mall. I will admit, these emails can become really excessive and annoying. But the upside is that you know firsthand what sales are happening and you get really great coupons too! Even if the coupon is only 15%, it is better than nothing. That still takes a couple of dollars off your item that you can now keep! Also, you wouldn’t want to miss out on BOGO sale that is only for the day right?!


Envelope skort – Stella Boutique $10 but free with BOGO sale (originally $30)

The sale was buy one get one free of the clearance rack. I bought a dress for $15, so my skort was FREE!

3. Find a cheaper fashion dupes 

Rather than splurge on a really expensive item, try finding a cheaper version of it online or in another store. There are a lot of designer or high quality items that I’m sure all of us would love to have. But instead of breaking the bank, search the internet for any fashion dupes. You’ll still get your really trendy item for half the price! Websites like and are great tools to give you prices for items at different stores. I would even check eBay or Amazon as well, just make sure the website is credible. Note, depending on where you purchase your item, the quality may not be as nice, but it will still look the same.


black suede platforms – Reflection’s Shoes $25

Since platforms are coming back in style, I’ve found it very hard to find affordable and comfortable ones! The cutest ones I’ve seen from stores like Urban Outfitters or TopShop retail for almost $100 – outrageous! Instead of breaking my wallet, I went on a mad search for something cheaper.

4. Shop in your friends closet 

Shopping apps are another innovative way to save your money. In my recent posts, I talked about Style Lend and their upcoming app that allows you to shop through the closets of women in the San Francisco area. If you need a refresher, you can learn more about Style Lend here. Great news guys, the app is officially out in the iTunes app store!

We are starting a movement called #thebreakupletter. Our purpose is to encourage women to breakup with their old shopping habits and create better ones! We are encourage YOU to breakup with anything and everything that prevents us banding together to dress, feel, and look our absolute best. To find out more about our movement, visit the website.

RSVP here if you can join us on our fashionable movement walk on May 16th from 12-2pm!



 Looking trendy and fashionable definitely does not involve spending all of your money! There are other way to look your best, I hope my tips for smarter shopping help you break your old shopping habits!


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